Bag Pillow Combinations

Create your stylish combinations

Due to their versatile design, Bag Pillow products can be used in a variety of handbag styles and brands. Below, you can find our list of recommended Bag Pillow Combinations. If you can’t find your handbag on this list, feel free to email us and we will be more than happy to help you.

See below the possible combinations


Bag Pillow Dimensions Combines with

Single & Combined Na

18cm x 12cm

Chanel mini

Chanel WOC

Chanel Carry Around

Messenger LV Eva

Plus most other small bags

Single & Combined Mi

23cm x 15cm

Chanel Timeless clutch

Chanel M/L Classic Flap

Chanel Small Classic Flap

Chanel 19 Small

Chanel PST (use 2 horizontally stacked for that structural look)

Chanel Reissue 226 size (original style with folded bottom)

Chanel halfmoon WOC

Chanel Boy Medium

Christian Dior Diorling

Gucci Small Disco

Hermès ToolBox 20 cm

Hermès Birkin 25 (2 side by side)

Plus many more!

Single & Combined S

30cm x 13cm

Chanel GST (use two, one in each compartment – when GST is new one creased use 2 medium)

Chanel Double Flap Jumbo

Chanel Reissue (227 size)

Christian Dior Lady 2

Hermès 32 cm, Kelly (lay flat on bottom or use 2 side by side/stacked alternating)

Hermès 30 cm, Birkin (lay flat on bottom or use 2, side by side/stacked alternating)

Hermès Lindy 26 cm

Hermès Everlyne 29

Louis Vuitton 25 Speedy

Louis Vuitton Brittany (2)

Plus many more!

Single & Combined M

35cm x 18cm

Balenciaga City (1 or 2 stacked or side by side)

Celine mine Luggage (use 2 stacked or side by side)

Chanel maxi

Chanel Large Camera Bag

Chanel Cerf TOTE (2 stacked horizontally or side by side – alternate between uses)

Chanel Vintage (XL Jumbo)

Chanel Single Flap Jumbo

Chanel GST (use two, one in each compartment- when GST is older and has creasing/sag)

Celine Medium Trapeze (use 2 stacked or side by side)

Hermès Picotin MM – 1 flat or 2 arched

Hermès 35 cm. Birkin 2 vertically side-by-side or horizontally stacked use this method when bag has a lot of creasing.

Hermès Birkin 40 cm – 3 side by side

Hermès SO Kelly

Plus Many More!

Single & Combined L

35cm x 27cm

Balenciaga Day Bag

Celine Phantom 2

Chanel Chain Around Maxi Flap

Chanel N/S Modern Chain Tote

Chanel Deauville Small

Chanel Timeless Tote

Goyard XL Tote (2)

Goyard Small Tote (2 side by side)

Hermès Birkin 40 cm (2 side by side for sifter leather, can use 3 side by side or stacked)

Hermès Garden Party (2)

Hermès Picotin GM

Louis Vuitton Arsty M

Louis Vuitton Neverful GM (side by side)

Plus many more!