Essential Tips

Bag Pillows are tailor-made to fit your unique handbag needs. Use one or stack multiple Bag Pillows horizontally or vertically for the perfect fit.

  • When you receive your Bag Pillows, give them a gentle shake to restore them to their original shape. Inner fibers may shift during shipping.
  • When using more than one Bag Pillow in your handbag, be sure to alternate positioning from time to time for best results.
  • Always store your handbags in dust and moisture proof bags.
  • Undo buckles and ties. Metal contraptions (like buckles, chains and even buttons) can damage your handbag if you do not unfasten them before storing.
  • Store your handbag away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and in a low humidity area to avoid mould.
  • Invest in quality maintenance products for your handbag collection, such as Bag Pillows. A little protection and care go a long way.
  • Do not store your leather handbag in a plastic bag or place plastic air pillows inside your leather bags. The plastic material can often stick to the leather over time and cause damage.
  • Do not store your Bag Pillows in a plastic box. Always keep in an area that allows for air flow.
  • Every 2 months, throw your Bag Pillows in the dryer to regenerate their moisture protection.
  • Replace your Bag Pillow every 2 years or more often if you live in a high humidity area.
  • Surface clean only.