Top 10 handbag care tips and hints

Top 10 handbag care tips and hints

We all love our handbags, our go to accessory that never fails to elevate our outfit. A statement handbag can transform the most mundane look, from something simple to something remarkable.

Our bags work so hard, being pulled and dragged every which way with us on a daily basis, being left on the floor or a chair whilst we enjoy our lunch, evening out, date nights, perched beside our desks whilst we work etc.

So we should really spare a thought for their care. We have put together a Top 10 tips in order to help you give a little love back to your handbag and if you are lucky enough your handbag collection.


  1. Always store your bag correctly, away from direct sunlight and in a suitable upright position
  2. Be sure to choose an appropriate sized bag pillow, and if applicable a chain cover to protect you bag from moisture and to help retains its shape
  3. Invest in a handbag hook for when you are out and about, if that isn’t possible or suitable for your handbag style, request a bag stool for your designer handbag

4.Regularly empty out your handbag and if needed give it a little dust/gentle clean to remove any marks

5.Store your handbags vertically if possible and if they are stored in a row, be sure to use handbag capes to protect them

6.Check your handbag at regular intervals make note of any wear or damage that is emerging, if you notice something, act early and bring the bag to the shop where you purchased it (or your nearest outlet). Many designer handbag shops offer after-care and can help with any minor issues. Larger issues might mean you are without your treasured bag for a longer time when repairs take place

7.Rotate your handbags, giving each bag a break, allows your investment pieces to be maintained for special occasions and your more durable bags to be used more frequently

8.When handling premium bags be sure to wear cotton gloves to protect them from moisture on your own hands

9.Never store your make up (not even a lipstick) directly in your bag, always use a small cosmetic case to avoid spills and leaks. Same goes for pens, always use a pen case before popping a pen in your bag

10.Finally, use your bags, don’t just keep them on a shelf for special occasions, today is a gift, that is why it is called the present!