The Bag Pillow - Buying & Selecting Guide

The Bag Pillow - Buying & Selecting Guide

You have heard about our fabulous products, you love the concept and you have a large selection of designer handbags that you cherish, but now what?

We know that choosing the best fit Bag Pillow for your treasured possessions might seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. Let us tell you a little about our products to get started:

  • Each of our products are lovingly hand crafted by our artisan producers in Europe
  • We produce our products in high quality twill or velvet fabrics
  • Both materials are durable and luxurious
  • We make Bag Pillows to every size and dimension you could require, from a Bag Pillow to fit a micro tiny bag to a super huge tote
  • We offer a selection of colours to suit your personal aesthetics from red to grey, beige to purple, black to brown, we have something to suit your style
  • Let’s take a look at a few scenarios that might resonate with you:

Scenario 1

You know your handbags brand name, model size and model name -  Simple use our ‘Find My Perfect Bag Pillow tool here ( and add to basket.


Scenario 2

You know your handbags brand, but you need help with everything else- Simple use our ‘Find My Perfect Bag Pillow tool here (  and the tool will help guide you with drawings and dimensions to help you purchase your perfect Bag Pillow.

Scenario 3

You have so many handbags and they are all different shapes and sizes, where to begin? We recommend our Bag Pillow collections, these packs of either 5 or 3 Bag Pillows are a great way of starting your handbag care routine. You can find them here: ( and here: (

Scenario 4

You have inherited a vintage bag, or you have purchased something second hand that is no longer in production. All you know is the dimensions of the handbag, not even the designer perhaps. In that case our ‘Custom Fit Service’ is for you. You can just give our artisans all the dimensions and we will take care of everything. You can find the link here -

Scenario 5

You have your Bag Pillows already but you want to take even better care of them, especially their hardware – Check out our protective accessory collection of products here -

Scenario 6

You have all the essentials but you travel a lot and want to make sure your handbags are well protected in transit, be sure to check out our superhero handbag product – The Cape, perfect when travelling but also when your handbag is stored on your shelf at home – A super hero product for your super stylish handbag. You can find it here -

We recommend using a Bag Pillow for each handbag in your collection. We hope this guide has provided you with some additional information. Of course we are always on hand to help you select the perfect Bag Pillow product for your treasured possessions. Simply drop us an email at and we can guide you on what best to select.

Yours Stylishly,

Daniela and Ciara x


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